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Donation Award

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For donation to help Pickersacademy grow.

(32 awarded)

Banjo History Award


Banjo History Award For passing all the quizzes in the Banjo History section.

(9 awarded)

Beginning Music Theory Quiz Award


Beginning Music Theory Quiz Award

(4 awarded)

Cripple Creek


For Playing Cripple Creek in the PickersAcademy at lesson, Jam or on mic in chat room.

(8 awarded)

Foggy Mt


For Playing Foggy Mt in the Pickersacademy chat room.

(6 awarded)

Down The Road


For Playing Down The Road in the PickersAcademy Chat Room.

(3 awarded)

Bury Me Beneath the Willow


For Play and creating lesson for Bury Me Beneath the Willow at

(2 awarded)

Course: Banjo Lick 1


This award is for being able to play Banjo Lesson 1.6 (G4 C4 D4 "G4=tag 1 and 2")  and
Banjo Lesson 1.7 (G4 C4 D4 "G4=tag 2 and tag 1")  live over mic or cam.

(0 awarded)

Chat Room Donation Award

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Chat Room Donation Award

(3 awarded)