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  Photo taken at and info provided by  First Quality Music Supply 800-836-5303

First we choose the wood for the fret board.


Next we mark it to be cut in to as many pieces as we can get out of each piece of wood. In this pic we can get 3 fret boards out of one piece.

Next we cut along the marks.

Now we mark the rough cut planks to a basic standard size.

 Then cut to the size marked

Next the best looking side of the plank gets planed.

Before planeing.


After planeing

Next the flat side is planed down to lessen the wear on the sander.

After planeing

Now they are fed through a automated sander until the correct depth of the fret board is reached.

Checking the depth

Now all the sanded fret boards are taped together so they stay together when sent through an automated planer.


Not its time to sut the fret slots. This is a pic of the fret slot saw.

The blank fret board is placed in.

Then drawn across the blades.

Now that the fret slots are cut the fret board must be shaped. The fret board is placed in a jig to hold it while the shaper shapes it.

After it has been shaped.

And now the finished fret board.

The end.