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 Viking Block And Peg Rim Update

I said I would post a pic of the busted rim. I looked for it in the scrap wood pile and It has been burned already.


 It turns out that the holes for the pegs were a bit too tight and caused a compressed air pocket when driving the peg in. This was causing the block to explode. I have adjusted the hole to be 1/32" larger. This allows the air to pass around the peg via the slots in the peg and still be a tight fit. So far there has been no splitting.


I would like to thank Richard. He brought me 2 round plated so I can stop using C-Clamps and use my 1/2 ton press instead. This has sped things up a lot. 


Using a press yields a much much better product. The best Glue joints I've seen yet. Check out the pics below.


Ill be shipping these to the past due customers in a few days when the glue is good and dry.


Richard is only one of the many I need to thank. There are the customers , some of which patiently wait on past due orders. There is Eric and Jeff Sullivan who exposed me to CNCs and how they work as well as endless infomation related to what I do. There is John W. He helped me get the drum sander and kept me going making boxes. If I missed anyone please message me and I'll include you in the next post.