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What to do with the left over wood from making 3ply Rock Maple banjo rims? Design a block type Rim that is actually better sounding than a 3ply rim. Using the traditional method of just gluing block together then grinding out a Rim on a lathe . That Method just never produced the tone quality needed to compete with the 3ply rims. So by experimenting and also using a mallet to determine if each area of a block rim sounded uniform. The tones where always different per area of the rim and as well as each block rim having different tones from each other.
Several year went by before I stumbled upon a way to make all the blocks sound the same. While watching a show on how Vikings built their ship, I noticed them using wood pegs instead of Medal nails. And wham, it hit me . So I asked Sheldon "Pickersacademy Resident Design Engineer " if he could draw up my Idea of a block and peg system. The Pegs lock the 3 layers of Rock maple into an uniform tone. Know matter where the rim is struck. This is the underlying roots of making great sounding banjo.